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So I'm still not dead...
Well, I might as well be, as I've seem to litterally have fallen of the face of the Earth. I don't visit Dokuga so much, not to mention Fanfiction.net, and I haven't been to the vampireknight site I mentioned in the earlier post since I discovered it over a year ago.

Dunno, I kinda don't have any motivation to do anything. I know I have fics I most certainly need to finish, and I still want to finish them. But It seems I just don't have the motivation to write. Don't get me wrong, if I were to sit down with the intention of writing something, I could easily break my writers block. But the thing is, I can't bring myself to do it. And I know it's highly childish of me, and irresponsible, since I do have fans who actually like what I write. I allways find something else, sth more interesting to occupy myself with, and my stories are shoved waay into the back of my mind. 

I kinda wanted to say all that, get it off my shoulders, so to say. There is a lot more, but I cant formulate it into written form. I still firmly believe that I will finish my fics someday, but as things are going, it will ba a long way coming (looks like a few years at least).

I've just entered university a couple of months ago, and that is a huge new chapter in my life. I am still getting used to it, and it's fun. I'm no longer considered a child, people twice my age talk to me as equals, there are some tremendously hott guys in my year... and in the upper years. And, I have probably fallen in love with one of the 2nd years (probably - because I've never been in love before, so I dont know if this is just infatuation of real love). And that's another reason I've neglected everything; I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT DAMN DUDE! It's beginning to annoy me, I never used to have these problems before. 

Well, anyway, my fingers are getting tired (those poor out of shape sausages), so this'll be all.


Not dead...
Oh... My...God.. (In whom I don't believe in, but still) .... I've totally forgotten about this. I most likely am a complete and utter airhead, not that my friends/family(and everyone else I've ever graced with my presence for that matter) have ever failed to inform me. xD

I've been away for so very long, not that I was here that much in the first place.... but yeah. And as is custom by now, now that I am here, I have absolutely no Idea what to write about. Typical.

Though, through the countless months I've been away, I've discovered many sites and fandoms that are awesome

To clear everything up before it even gets tangled, I am a manga/anime freak. Hehe. As such I have many favourites. But my true obsessions are Vampire Knight and Inuyasha (For now -----> there's also Fairy tail, One Piece, Naruto, Oresama Teacher and more....).

Kaname is my most favourite caracter in VK, I utterly adore him. Not that the others are anything to scoff at, I get a fangirlasm at the mere glimpse of any of them. And the pairing I lean to the most is Kaname and Yuuki, not that I shun the others, I'm pretty open to most (Though... I really hate Sara)

Sesshomaru is my most favourite InuYasha caracter. He was the one man I dreamed of as a child and a teenager.... My ties to him (and the entire Inuyasha series) run deep. My ultimate pairing in the Inuverse is also a totally impossible one. Yes, Sesshomaru and Kagome. Those two all the way.

So I've discovered  Dokuga (http://www.dokuga.com/). The site solely dedicated to the pairing of our favourite demon lord and the priestess displaced in time. I've got to say.... I'm in love. It's awesome there.

Also, I just discovered Vampire Knight Online (http://www.vampire-knight.net/members/lilynoir/activity/). A place to share my VK madness at. I was stumped when I stumbled onto this. It's awesome as well.

Oh, it's well past midnight here, I'll have to go to bed soon. I'm stopping here, hopefully I'll remember to write something tomorrow (doubtful though, knowing me). I'll most likely forget all about this by morning. Oh well. At lest I posted something, not that anyone reads it. xDDDD


(no subject)

WHOA..... I have not been here in a while. Quite a while in fact, and i have absolutely NO idea what to write.

But, then first thing's first: ...... Merry Christmas and a fantasticly fabulous New Year ^_^

On another note, I FAILED a subject in school, ME, atraight A extraordinaire, failed something (never mind it being old greek) ....... I just know my brother's NEVER going to let me live this down, ever, for the rest of my life ..........

Now, what to ramble about...... AH, the latest Vampire Knight chapter is out in japan..... we're just waiting for the scanlation now, I CAN'T WAIT to read it..... uuuuuu, I'm hyper just remembering about it.... I've seen some RAW's .... and Kaname is positively HOT in there.... mmm, what I wouldn't give to be able to goble him right up XDXDXDXXXXDDDD......

OH..... and I have yet ANOTHER new fanfiction...... lovely might I add........... the name is The lost Rose ----> link below   http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6498219/1/The_lost_Rose
AU....Three families, three flowers, the three Houses of God... one falls and leaves behind a single, precious Rose. Now, with the disappearance of one of those families, the order of the world will have to be re-arranged. Who will be the one to prevail?
The events triggered by the lust for power of a distinct few will change the world. And as the offending army that had conquered a kingdom in little less than a day move into the streets to take their fill, no one notices the silent small shadow of a girl slipping through them.The Rose lives on, lost to all until it decides to appear again.
A Kaname/Yuuki story

If you're a kaname/yuuki fan, dont hesitate to go and check it out, drop me a review on the way, i'd apreciate it XD

well, that's all i can remember right now, have fun pplz and I love ya'll

My stories on fanfiction ....... look them up XP

here i am again ......... XD

quite som time has passed and i almost forgot about my lj
but ~~~~~ i didnt XD XD XD XD XD

sice i didnt know what to write in here i decided to make a post about my fanfiction stories :

the first one: I crave you i've already written about .......... it's finished now   ;)  xp   (stroll down a little to find the link)

the second one: Thee, buried in the past, a Yuuki/Kaname...... its sitll being written .... a multichapter one :)   (5/6 chapters currently out)
when viewing Kaname's memories Yuuki gets stuck in them. could she be stuck in the past? how will she help Kaname? how will Kaname react to her? ------> it follows yuuki and kaname's interactions in the past, and yuuki's wish to help kaname out of his despair. she will try to heal and comfort him........
link:  www.fanfiction.net/s/6305761/1/Thee_buried_in_the_past 
hope you enjoy reading it~~~~~~

that's all for now ................................... peace in all fandoms

kaname kuran

kaname kuran

vampire knight 64

well, well ppl i've already read the english version of vampire knight 64 (link:http://mangahead.com/index.php/Manga-English-Scan/Vampire-Knight/Vampire-Knight-64-English-Scan/01.jpg?action=big&size=original&fromthumbnail=true)
and all i can say is : AMAZING CHAPTER
i only read i once though,and AM STILL WAITING FOR SAGAKURE XD
Because, frankly, i can't live without sgk's ramblings anymore -_-

She so often points things out that i would, otherwise, not see in my rush to read the chapter and such. And, of course, there are the little notes and reminders that mean the world to me. Plus she also describes in her commentary how she translated a specific line, how that line went in japanese, what it meant and things like that, that make me understand better what the caracter wanted to say.

anyway .... kaname's sooo sweet in this chapter and i love him sssssoooooooo much ^_^
and also Kaito~~~~~~ i loooove him too ..... he's just sooo hott ............... well zero and aidou also XD XD XD XD
i just wanna eat them up ~~~~~~~~~

jum jum jum
here are a few pics of them
ancestor kaname
hotness incarnate
this pic below is lovely
zero & aidou
these 2 are hilarious


hot evil smirk
evil kaito XD
kaname again *drools*

sweet moment
his neck~~~

i have an idea for a fanfic baised on this chapter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
who knows, maybe i'll even write it soon  ^_^ *is powered up on vk*


up to date (update for short XD)

hello hello

a miracle has happened ........... *divine light*
my muses have struck me and actually stayed long enough for me to put it on paper  *dun_dun_dun*

it's a kaname/yuuki ................ the name???? ---> I crave you  ........... link:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6286096/1/I_crave_you
yuuki is having a dream but then she starts hungering for kaname. Her hunger is so strong that it rips the dream apart and she wakes up. It's the middle of the day though and she doesn't know if she should go to him.......
ch1's posted ............ ch2's on the way (i just have to write it xp)
i'm feelin hyper these days .... sagakure said that she would post the chapter soon and i just can't wait

kuran kaname
here's a parting pic ----> Kuran Kaname smexy face

If you like to read FanFiction ....

Well, like some people who're into VK I too have an account in FanFiction.  ;)  *might as well go with the flow*
You can find my profile here:http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2409299/  or here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~lily160  (2 links because, for some reason unfathomable to me, there are 2 on my account)

Presently I have written two VK fanfics (if, by any chance, anyone wants to know)

The first one is centered around Yuuki: She can't fall asleep because the birds just outside her window are annoying her so she decides to go out. She goes into the town closest to the Kuran manor (which is hidden deep in the woods) and does some thinking there. The one who's the conclusion of most of her thoughts comes to get her (care to guess who it is ;D)  .......... it's called Chirping

The second one is centered around Zero (well it has some Kaname in it): Zero doesn't want to dance at the upcoming ball for both the night & day classes. As Yuuki wants to make him dance she appoints him an instructor. And, as tempers flare from both the instructor and Zero, some hilarious and potentially (from whatever view you look from XD) steamy situations occour ....... It's called Instructor

There could be another oneshot fic potentially on the way   *it all depends if my muses strike me when i have time or if my mum bans me from the internet (nothin to do wakes them up like whoa)*


Anyway...., I've finished 07 ghost and am all fired up now ........ It was awesome (in case I havent mentioned it before - quite impossible, I assure you ;D)

I'd like to have sweet sweet love with the most of them *drools*
OR, even better, have them make sweet sweet love with each other ........ at the same time ............... with me watching ^_^  *dies in a nosebleed volcano explosion*

*must abandon all thoughts of 07ghost for now, lest I make your eyes bleed*


here are some pics that've made me roll on the bloody floor :
this was in a bonus chapter. This particular scene was right after the chairman took a pic of kaname and ichijou's faces

these two are from the same bonus chapter

She's with us again
A little update :
sagakure's back !!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
she seems well rested after her vacation in the tropics and is ready for vk
she said that she's already scanlating vk 64 and in my opinion it will be posted in no time :D

test :x

here's a gorgeous pic of Kaname Kuran

vampire knight 64 info + 07 ghost obsession
The next chapter from vampire knight just came out on the 24th. XD XD XD

Sagakure said that she's on a little hiatus and that she won't post for a while, BUT she said that she'll be back when the chapter comes out. XD
i just loooove her ....  She translates and scanlates the chapters for us all for free . and on top of that it doesn't get to her head like it does for most people *sagakure moe*
I've never seen a person who is willing to go through thick and thin just so she can share what she loves with us .... And on top of that she puts up through bulls*** that some people have the audacity to say/write to her/on her lj ........ I mean how can they get angry at her for being just a tad bit late on posting the chapter because she has her own life ..... Hello people, she doesn't have to do it but she still does
that just says what kind of person she is, and what kind of people they are ...... ungrateful

I'm sure as hell that she'll be back in no time AND with the new scanlated chapter for us

Can't wait ..... XD XD XD XD XD 
i'm bouncing up and down .... and all around  xp waiting for the english wersion to come out

I tell you, it's times like these that i'm awfully tempted to go and learn japanese myself so that i can just read the raws right off the batt .... and i'd just love to be able to translate manga myself ..... *sighs because it's a lost fight*

anyway .........

i've just finished reading 07 ghost manga (+ am in the middle of the anime)and it's AWESOME .. xp xp xp xp xp xp

i love practically every character in there (good or bad)..... well except those annoyin bast**** from the military that give ayanami the stank eye (hee hee)