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If you like to read FanFiction ....

Well, like some people who're into VK I too have an account in FanFiction.  ;)  *might as well go with the flow*
You can find my profile here:http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2409299/  or here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~lily160  (2 links because, for some reason unfathomable to me, there are 2 on my account)

Presently I have written two VK fanfics (if, by any chance, anyone wants to know)

The first one is centered around Yuuki: She can't fall asleep because the birds just outside her window are annoying her so she decides to go out. She goes into the town closest to the Kuran manor (which is hidden deep in the woods) and does some thinking there. The one who's the conclusion of most of her thoughts comes to get her (care to guess who it is ;D)  .......... it's called Chirping

The second one is centered around Zero (well it has some Kaname in it): Zero doesn't want to dance at the upcoming ball for both the night & day classes. As Yuuki wants to make him dance she appoints him an instructor. And, as tempers flare from both the instructor and Zero, some hilarious and potentially (from whatever view you look from XD) steamy situations occour ....... It's called Instructor

There could be another oneshot fic potentially on the way   *it all depends if my muses strike me when i have time or if my mum bans me from the internet (nothin to do wakes them up like whoa)*


Anyway...., I've finished 07 ghost and am all fired up now ........ It was awesome (in case I havent mentioned it before - quite impossible, I assure you ;D)

I'd like to have sweet sweet love with the most of them *drools*
OR, even better, have them make sweet sweet love with each other ........ at the same time ............... with me watching ^_^  *dies in a nosebleed volcano explosion*

*must abandon all thoughts of 07ghost for now, lest I make your eyes bleed*


here are some pics that've made me roll on the bloody floor :
this was in a bonus chapter. This particular scene was right after the chairman took a pic of kaname and ichijou's faces

these two are from the same bonus chapter