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(no subject)

WHOA..... I have not been here in a while. Quite a while in fact, and i have absolutely NO idea what to write.

But, then first thing's first: ...... Merry Christmas and a fantasticly fabulous New Year ^_^

On another note, I FAILED a subject in school, ME, atraight A extraordinaire, failed something (never mind it being old greek) ....... I just know my brother's NEVER going to let me live this down, ever, for the rest of my life ..........

Now, what to ramble about...... AH, the latest Vampire Knight chapter is out in japan..... we're just waiting for the scanlation now, I CAN'T WAIT to read it..... uuuuuu, I'm hyper just remembering about it.... I've seen some RAW's .... and Kaname is positively HOT in there.... mmm, what I wouldn't give to be able to goble him right up XDXDXDXXXXDDDD......

OH..... and I have yet ANOTHER new fanfiction...... lovely might I add........... the name is The lost Rose ----> link below   http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6498219/1/The_lost_Rose
AU....Three families, three flowers, the three Houses of God... one falls and leaves behind a single, precious Rose. Now, with the disappearance of one of those families, the order of the world will have to be re-arranged. Who will be the one to prevail?
The events triggered by the lust for power of a distinct few will change the world. And as the offending army that had conquered a kingdom in little less than a day move into the streets to take their fill, no one notices the silent small shadow of a girl slipping through them.The Rose lives on, lost to all until it decides to appear again.
A Kaname/Yuuki story

If you're a kaname/yuuki fan, dont hesitate to go and check it out, drop me a review on the way, i'd apreciate it XD

well, that's all i can remember right now, have fun pplz and I love ya'll