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Not dead...
Oh... My...God.. (In whom I don't believe in, but still) .... I've totally forgotten about this. I most likely am a complete and utter airhead, not that my friends/family(and everyone else I've ever graced with my presence for that matter) have ever failed to inform me. xD

I've been away for so very long, not that I was here that much in the first place.... but yeah. And as is custom by now, now that I am here, I have absolutely no Idea what to write about. Typical.

Though, through the countless months I've been away, I've discovered many sites and fandoms that are awesome

To clear everything up before it even gets tangled, I am a manga/anime freak. Hehe. As such I have many favourites. But my true obsessions are Vampire Knight and Inuyasha (For now -----> there's also Fairy tail, One Piece, Naruto, Oresama Teacher and more....).

Kaname is my most favourite caracter in VK, I utterly adore him. Not that the others are anything to scoff at, I get a fangirlasm at the mere glimpse of any of them. And the pairing I lean to the most is Kaname and Yuuki, not that I shun the others, I'm pretty open to most (Though... I really hate Sara)

Sesshomaru is my most favourite InuYasha caracter. He was the one man I dreamed of as a child and a teenager.... My ties to him (and the entire Inuyasha series) run deep. My ultimate pairing in the Inuverse is also a totally impossible one. Yes, Sesshomaru and Kagome. Those two all the way.

So I've discovered  Dokuga (http://www.dokuga.com/). The site solely dedicated to the pairing of our favourite demon lord and the priestess displaced in time. I've got to say.... I'm in love. It's awesome there.

Also, I just discovered Vampire Knight Online (http://www.vampire-knight.net/members/lilynoir/activity/). A place to share my VK madness at. I was stumped when I stumbled onto this. It's awesome as well.

Oh, it's well past midnight here, I'll have to go to bed soon. I'm stopping here, hopefully I'll remember to write something tomorrow (doubtful though, knowing me). I'll most likely forget all about this by morning. Oh well. At lest I posted something, not that anyone reads it. xDDDD