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So I'm still not dead...
Well, I might as well be, as I've seem to litterally have fallen of the face of the Earth. I don't visit Dokuga so much, not to mention Fanfiction.net, and I haven't been to the vampireknight site I mentioned in the earlier post since I discovered it over a year ago.

Dunno, I kinda don't have any motivation to do anything. I know I have fics I most certainly need to finish, and I still want to finish them. But It seems I just don't have the motivation to write. Don't get me wrong, if I were to sit down with the intention of writing something, I could easily break my writers block. But the thing is, I can't bring myself to do it. And I know it's highly childish of me, and irresponsible, since I do have fans who actually like what I write. I allways find something else, sth more interesting to occupy myself with, and my stories are shoved waay into the back of my mind. 

I kinda wanted to say all that, get it off my shoulders, so to say. There is a lot more, but I cant formulate it into written form. I still firmly believe that I will finish my fics someday, but as things are going, it will ba a long way coming (looks like a few years at least).

I've just entered university a couple of months ago, and that is a huge new chapter in my life. I am still getting used to it, and it's fun. I'm no longer considered a child, people twice my age talk to me as equals, there are some tremendously hott guys in my year... and in the upper years. And, I have probably fallen in love with one of the 2nd years (probably - because I've never been in love before, so I dont know if this is just infatuation of real love). And that's another reason I've neglected everything; I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT DAMN DUDE! It's beginning to annoy me, I never used to have these problems before. 

Well, anyway, my fingers are getting tired (those poor out of shape sausages), so this'll be all.