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vampire knight 64 info + 07 ghost obsession
The next chapter from vampire knight just came out on the 24th. XD XD XD

Sagakure said that she's on a little hiatus and that she won't post for a while, BUT she said that she'll be back when the chapter comes out. XD
i just loooove her ....  She translates and scanlates the chapters for us all for free . and on top of that it doesn't get to her head like it does for most people *sagakure moe*
I've never seen a person who is willing to go through thick and thin just so she can share what she loves with us .... And on top of that she puts up through bulls*** that some people have the audacity to say/write to her/on her lj ........ I mean how can they get angry at her for being just a tad bit late on posting the chapter because she has her own life ..... Hello people, she doesn't have to do it but she still does
that just says what kind of person she is, and what kind of people they are ...... ungrateful

I'm sure as hell that she'll be back in no time AND with the new scanlated chapter for us

Can't wait ..... XD XD XD XD XD 
i'm bouncing up and down .... and all around  xp waiting for the english wersion to come out

I tell you, it's times like these that i'm awfully tempted to go and learn japanese myself so that i can just read the raws right off the batt .... and i'd just love to be able to translate manga myself ..... *sighs because it's a lost fight*

anyway .........

i've just finished reading 07 ghost manga (+ am in the middle of the anime)and it's AWESOME .. xp xp xp xp xp xp

i love practically every character in there (good or bad)..... well except those annoyin bast**** from the military that give ayanami the stank eye (hee hee)